Restorative dental services will repair structural issues with your teeth, such as breaks or cracks, in order to enhance the function of your pearly whites. Crowns, bridges, and fillings are some of the most commonly used dental restoration materials, which are usually covered under basic dental insurance plans. Discover which restorative dentistry procedures are available to you.

Composite Fillings

A composite filling procedure involves the use of a tooth-colored resin material to restore the functionality of broken or decayed teeth. Composite fillings cost slightly more than amalgam fillings, however, they are more cosmetically appealing and may last longer than other types of fillings.

Crowns (Sameday CEREC®)

CEREC® sameday crowns use advanced technology to mold an impression that looks and feels strikingly similar to your natural tooth. CEREC® crowns may be recommended if you’ve endured a deep cavity removal or tooth fracture. While they might be more costly than other crown options, CEREC® crown longevity and appearance are unparalleled.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are used in restorative dentistry to repair broken tooth surfaces and fill cavities. An inlay dental procedure is similar to getting a tooth filled, and modern inlay material is designed to match the color of your natural teeth. Onlay preparation will measure the size and structure of your existing tooth to determine which onlay material to use (ceramic, metal, etc.)


Similar to veneers, tooth bonding can be used for cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to improve the appearance of your smile. The tooth bonding process involves the application of a thin resin coat to your natural tooth, which is bound to the surface using a special “curing” light.

Root Canal

When an advanced cavity deeply penetrates the tooth and causes severe localized pain, a root canal procedure may be required to prevent further infection. Performed by an endodontist, root canal treatments involve the removal of the nerve and tooth pulp containing harmful bacteria. The tooth is later capped with a crown to match the rest of your teeth. The only alternative treatment for a root canal procedure is a dental extraction.

Pediatric Dentistry

Scheduling regular visits to a pediatric dentist is the first step to promoting good oral hygiene in your children. Pediatric dental instruments are built to accommodate smaller mouths, and are less intimidating than regular dental tools. A pediatric dentist will provide dental learning tools to teach young kids the importance of daily brushing and flossing.


Different types of mouthguards are available to maintain your oral health as you perform your daily activities. If you suffer from bruxism (tooth grinding during sleep), stock mouthguards can be readily purchased from your local retailer to protect your teeth throughout the night. Alternatively, your dentist can obtain a mold of your teeth to create a custom mouthguard for more comfort and durability. Boil and bite protectors are another type of mouthguard used by athletes participating in aggressive contact sports.

Extractions and Bone Grafts

Dental extractions involve the removal of teeth from the alveolar bone, and may be required if you’re suffering from severe tooth decay, or have fractured or impacted teeth. Certain dental problems could be solved with a bone graft, where a portion of bone is extracted elsewhere from the body to provide jaw support for impending procedures. Bone grafts and surgical tooth extraction procedures can be performed while the patient is under anesthesia to alleviate pain and anxiety.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is an effective deep cleaning procedure to remove plaque buildup below the gumline to treat or prevent the progression of gum disease. When it comes to scaling and root planing, depending on the severity of plaque buildup, your dentist can administer local anesthesia and perform the procedure in multiple visits.

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